How could I confirm the attendance? How long will the security deposit be returned after the document has been completed?

For International students, security deposit for NTD 3,000 should be paid before 6/5 and will be refunded to the credit card on 7/23.

For Foreign students, round-trip e-tickets & receipts issued should be provided before 6/5. Those who are unable to provide documents could pay security deposit for NTD 3,000 instead and will be refunded back to the credit card once the documents are completed.

For Taiwanese students, security deposit for NTD 3,000 should be paid and will be refunded to the credit card on 7/23.


For foreign students, how much can we reimburse the fight tickets?

Members shown on admission list will be subsidized for round-trip up to NTD 10,000 and provided by cash when the courses begin on 7/16.


Those in the initial trial should bring their own mentors? or optional?

Do not have to. We have already arranged mentors during the bootcamp.


Any handbook available that contains information about facilities, food and accommodation (dormitory/hotels)?More details upon arrival?

More detail information will be provided through email nearly 2-3 weeks before the bootcamp. Recently, we will also upload more information on the website (how to reach the venue etc.)


Are accommodation & food provided?

Accommodation (with free breakfasts), lunches and two meals for welcome reception and awards ceremony are provided.



How many people in one room?

In hostel, we arrange twin rooms mostly but also a triple one.

Since the hostel is full occupied, we also book a dormitory in NTUST with six people in a room.