Result Announcement of Demo & Pitch Day~

The 2nd Be Young! Beyond Startup Bootcamp 
 was successfully completed! Here’s the result of Demo & Pitch Day~Congradulations!!

Distinguished Honor Award, Team 8 : LOFI Language Learning
Miles Iton, Deborah Argayosa, Vy Nguyen Khanh, Yu-Hsuan Liao
The Excellence Award, Team 4 : Bravo
M. Rakhmat Setiawan, Devi Hendriyono, Yu-Pei Lou, Tzu-Hui Lee
The Excellence Award, Team 3 : Fungi Fighters
Vanshika Abbhi, Chester Kenneth Andra, Yang Su, Pei-Ju Lee
The Excellence Award, Team 6 : Foodies
Chirag Juneja, Punnapa Yoswaris, Rui-Yun Liao, Chia-Hsun Lin