🔥FINAL CALL: 第二屆GTEP計畫收件截止至5/31! 創業總獎金9萬元等你來拿!🏆

🔥FINAL CALL: The closing date for The 2nd GTEP application is May 31th! A total award money of NT$90,000 is waiting for you!🏆

👉The 2nd Global Talent Entrepreneurship Program (GTEP) targets foreign students in Taiwan, providing entrepreneurial training, cultivating talented foreign entrepreneurial teams, and making Taiwan’s entrepreneurial environment more complete and internationalized. A 5 months entrepreneurship program with professional training, all university students are welcome. The winning teams will also have the opportunity to receive a total entrepreneurial funds of NT$90,000 sponsored by enterprises! Seize the chance and take the first step towards entrepreneurship with us!👈

✨courses + startup base visit + demo day
✨1-on-1 consulting & counseling from market experts
✨Access to various external entrepreneurial resources
✨Free usage of co-working space

🎯New application deadline: May 31th, 2023
🎯Regulation and introduction: https://pse.is/4y5z8s

🔥FINAL CALL: 第二屆GTEP計畫收件截止至5/31! 創業總獎金9萬元等你來拿!🏆
為提供在台外籍生培養創新創業知能及優質的創業培訓環境,國立臺灣科技大學今年接續推出「第二屆外籍人才創新創業培訓計畫 GTEP」,本計畫開放全國大專院校外籍生及本國學生參加,歡迎對創業有興趣、已創業或準備創業的學生把握機會!得獎團隊還有機會獲得企業贊助的創業總獎金9萬元!和我們一起攜手邁向創業的第一步!為讓更多有興趣的外籍人才參與本計畫,報名期限特延長至112年5月31日,計畫辦法與報名方式詳見: https://pse.is/4vyfbe