The 2nd Global Talent Entrepreneurship Program

  1. Purpose

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology is committed to supporting overall entrepreneurial efforts, creating a favorable environment for entrepreneurship. In order to create an ecosystem for cultivating international entrepreneurial talent and further encourage foreign talent to stay, work and start businesses in Taiwan, the university plans to establish the Global Talent Entrepreneurship Program (referred to below as “the Program”). The Program would target foreign students in Taiwan, providing entrepreneurial training and promoting the results of this training, cultivating talented foreign entrepreneurial teams and making Taiwan’s entrepreneurial environment more complete and international.

  1. Application Criteria
  1. At least half of the entrepreneurial team’s members must be foreign students.
  2. At least one member of the entrepreneurial team must be either a current university student, or have graduated from university within one year.
  3. The entrepreneurial team must have the intent to establish a company, or have already established one. The team plans to put out products onto the market for sale, and needs to carry out business model validation, market development, and fundraising in order to do so.
  4. No limits on the type of product to be developed, but the products, services and business model of the company must contain innovative elements.
  5. The team recommended by the co-organizer will enjoy extra points.
  1. Program Schedule
  1. Program Schedule: 2023
  1. Description:
  • After passing review, the entrepreneurial team would start a 10-month long counseling period. Depending on the team’s circumstances during this counseling period, they may need to re-apply for another period of counseling after the first.
  • Other special circumstances would be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  1. Application Methods and Required Materials

Please download the application documents from the Center’s website, and return them to for a preliminary review during the sign-up period. Late applications would not be accepted. Application documents include:

  1. A copy of the entrepreneurial team’s business plan or presentation materials.
  2. The Global Talent Entrepreneurship Program application form.
  3. Original ID documents for each member of the entrepreneurial team (Foreign students should provide their Taiwan Resident Visas and student ID; Recent graduates should provide their graduation certificates).
  1. Responsibilities of the Selected Teams
  1. Prepare a complete business plan and present the results on Demo Day.
  2. Attend a consultation session and team progress report meeting once a month.
  3. Attend the Program’s required counseling activities, media promotion events and interviews, and research seminars, as well as provide the results of entrepreneurial work to be used in other related activities for sharing and education purposes.
  4. Each member of the entrepreneurial team shall abide by the management rules of the co-working space.
  5. Provide team entrepreneurship data. This data would only be used to analyze the project plan, and not for any other purposes.
  1. Disqualification from Participation

Teams selected to participate in the Program shall focus on implementing the business plan they submitted which passed review. Teams may be disqualified from participation under the following circumstances, after the issue is ruled on by the Center:

  1. Selected team discovered to have engaged in illegal activity.
  2. Violating the rules of the co-working space, and continuing with such behavior even after receiving warnings.
  3. Other serious violations.
  1. Other

The Business Incubation Center of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology must make revisions and announce such revisions for any un-addressed issues. The same applies for amendments.

  1. Contact Details

Business Incubation Center, NTUST
Ms. Melia Tsai