2024 Silicon Valley Program

The Selection Result of Final Review

No. 1MIT Studio
No. 2Daun Pintar Raya
No. 4B-ECO

In order to encourage faculties and students pursue innovation and entrepreneurship, and further connect with the international community, communicate with different entrepreneurs, appreciate silicon valley and American culture, and bring these innovative ideas back to Taiwan; National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as NTUST) combines alumni resources to establish NTUST Silicon Valley Center in silicon valley, USA, and promotes the “Selection of campus derived startup teams to visit Silicon Valley Incubation Program” (hereinafter referred to as the project). It is expected that this project will identify a campus-derived team with international market development potential, then have them travel to Silicon Valley and other regions in the United States, combine with alumni resources to receive training in the United States. They will take internships at companies to promote interaction between the startup team from NTUST with startup experts around the world. They will take means such as sharing and learning startup experience and further connect with investors in emerging industries, actively communicate with entrepreneurial instructors with successful entrepreneurial experience, assist entrepreneurial teams to develop international markets, successfully integrate resources from Silicon Valley, and effectively promote international innovation and entrepreneurship development.


Application is opened until May, 15th. Please read through below regulation carefully, fill out the 7 annexes, and email your application to us.

Documents Download

  • NTUST Startups Silicon Valley Incubation Program Regulation:PDF
  • 【Annex 1】Application Form:WORD 
  • 【Annex 2】Business Plan:WORD 
  • 【Annex 3】Entrepreneurship Training Plan:WORD
  • 【Annex 4】English Resume of Team Members:WORD 
  • 【Annex 5】Affidavit:WORD 
  • 【Annex 6】Inform Consent Form (For every members including advisor):WORD 
  • 【Annex 7】Samples and Format of Closing Report:WORD

Contact Us

Ms. Jessie Ou (jessie.ou@mail.ntust.edu.tw

Silicon Valley Program graduates

Year Phase Teams
2022 I Myogai
II Begain, Pillow, Andgree Co. Ltd
2019 I ROGO, Swirl Studio
2018 I BioKnee
II Bookie, Elefindr, 太陽能節能玻璃(HISG)
2017 I Kitchbot, Showhue
II Future Book, 3Egreen


Phase I: Myogai

Phase II:Begain, Pillow, Andgree Co. Ltd


Phase I: ROGO, Swirl Studio

Phase II: APOLLO, Ticsee


Phase I: BioKnee

Phase II: Bookie, Elefindr, 太陽能節能玻璃(HISG)


Phase I: Kitchbot, Showhue

Phase II: Future Book, 3Egreen