Micro Accelerator

NTUST Micro Accelerator Application Notice

Aiming at increasing the overall capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship and creating a friendly
environment for on-campus entrepreneurship, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology has
launched the NTUST Micro Accelerator. This program is designed specifically for entrepreneurial teams
with innovative and creative technologies, services or business models that integrate and develop hardware
and software in the areas of AI, big data, IoT, Fintech, culture and creativity, and placemaking. The
Accelerator assists the teams in accelerating product commercialization, expanding market channels, and
accessing funds. Resources from large-scale enterprises are introduced to provide the teams with
comprehensive mentorship. The teams are offered help in connecting with their markets, adding value to
their innovation, and improving their product-market fit and market potential. It is hoped that more startups
can be nurtured on campus, and that new markets and opportunities can be explored. The program is
expected to help the teams grow faster and assist students in fulfilling their dreams.

1、 Application Qualifications

(1) Entrepreneurial teams in the areas of AI, big data, IoT, creativity and culture, and relevant industries that create innovative or creative technologies, services or business models, integrate and develop hardware and software, and have not yet established a company.
(2) Entrepreneurial teams with the intention to establish a company, commercialize their products, test their business models, develop markets, plan for fundraising or have other relevant needs.

2、 How to Apply

(1) Application method
Entrepreneurial teams that intend to apply need to send their entrepreneurial proposal or
presentation slides along with relevant documents to microgarage@ntust.edu.tw for assessment.

3、 Required Documents for Application

(1) An operating proposal or presentation slides of the entrepreneurial team
(2) The original copy of the NTUST Micro Accelerator Application Form
(3) The original copy of the NTUST Micro Accelerator Identity Certification Form (Photocopies of
the team members’ proofs of identity should be attached.)

4、 Mentorship Period

(1) Teams that pass the review may enter the accelerator for a period of five months. Depending on
their mentorship conditions, teams may apply for the program for a second time.
(2) Entrepreneurial teams that fall into a category of special circumstances will be treated as special

5、 Changes in Relation to the Team

(1) Should concepts or themes of the team’s proposal change, the team must submit a new proposal
to the NTUST’s Business Incubation Center of the Office of Industry-Academia Collaboration.
(2) Should the composition of the team change, the team shall submit relevant documents to state
their reasons and attach relevant proofs of identity.
(3) Teams with the above-mentioned changes shall submit a NTUST Micro Accelerator Changes

6、 Rights of Accepted Teams

(1) Entrepreneurial teams that have passed the application for NTUST Micro Accelerator must sign
a letter of intent for admission and mentorship.
(2) Teams approved for admission are allowed to use the NTUST Micro Garage incubation space
free of charge.
(3) The teams can receive free one-on-one mentorship by foreign or domestic experts or
professionals in the field.
(4) The teams will be assisted in testing the feasibility of their business models, fundraising, and
applying for relevant government programs.
(5) The teams will be connected with a variety of external entrepreneurial resources.
(6) If the accepted team establishes a company, the team may continue to stay in the Accelerator
until the end of the five-month mentorship. After this period ends, the team may then apply for
virtual or physical admission into the NTUST’s Business Incubation Center for further

7、 Obligations of Accepted Teams

(1) The team shall provide a complete operating proposal and presentation slides.
(2) The team shall receive consultation and make a progress briefing on a monthly basis.
(3) The team shall cooperate in accordance with the mentorship measures established by the
NTUST Micro Accelerator, accept media advertising and interviews, attend lectures, and
provide entrepreneurial results for the purpose of sharing and helping other teams to learn
through relevant activities.
(4) All team members shall abide by the management regulations established by the Micro Garage
Incubation Space.
(5) The team shall provide relevant information regarding its development. The information will be
collected solely for the purpose of generating reports and analyses of the program.

8、 Revocation of Acceptance

The accepted team shall be obligated to fulfill its agreed-upon obligations in accordance with the approved operating proposal. Should the team fall into one of the following situations, its acceptance
may be revoked following a decision by the Business Incubation Center.
(1) The team’s implementation does not match the proposal used in the application.
(2) The team is verified to have been involved in violations against law.
(3) The team violates relevant regulations established by the Micro Garage and does not change their
behavior after notification.
(4) Other material violations have been committed.

9、 Other remarks

This Notice may be amended and disseminated by the NTUST’s Business Incubation Center of the
Office of Industry-Academia Collaboration for matters not specifically mentioned herein and also for