Campus Startup Teams

Fruit desire 果情果意

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Product & Service : Taiwanese fruit gift box
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Through design value-added, it can meet consumers’ needs for “emotional” and
“sustainable”, make the information of domestic fruit gift boxes transparent, and realize the
gift-giving style of Taiwanese. Furthermore, it will increase the income of fruit farmers and
attract more young farmers to join in, thereby promoting the sustainable development of the environment, society and economy.

Tracle 垃可

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Product & Service : Online Pickup Service
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Tracle provide an online trash pickup service, in order to save customers’ time. In Taiwan,
people have to wait for the trash truck at the fixed time and location, and it is really
inconvenient. By ordering Tracle’s online trash pickup service, there will be a Tracler picking
up your trash right in front of your door! You can decide when to take out the trash without
actually taking it out.


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Product & Service : Dual-purpose bags for pets—the best choice for outdoor accessories
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The team has won multiple design awards (including the German Red Dot and iF Design Awards, the Golden Pin Design Award in Taiwan, and two design patents). We love our four-legged friends, and aim to provide pet-friendly outdoor accessories with professional designs. Our dual-purpose bags provide dogs and pet owners with the best choice when it comes to outdoor accessories. Designed with user experience in mind, our bags significantly reduce the inconvenience and pain point of having to prepare multiple bags when you go for an outing, providing a bag that integrates the accessories you need when you go out (a leash, a harness, and a fashionable multi-function bag). You can share them with your dogs, as they provide a better and more convenient outing experience. Just grab the bag and you will be ready to go. #𝙋𝙚𝙩+𝙋𝙖𝙧𝙩𝙣𝙚𝙧=𝙋𝙚𝙩𝙣𝙚𝙧


Product & Service : puff bag
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puff bag

Cybird Technology

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Product & Service : Blockchain application services: Integrated marketing projects
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We are committed to researching, developing and providing innovative blockchain technology applications. We are adept at leveraging blockchain technology and our expertise on integrated marketing projects to provide customers with top-notch blockchain services, while removing the technical barriers of customers aiming to enter the blockchain market. We established BEEWiN in November 2021. We are committed to creating a blockchain application ecosystem and expanding different social channels. Firstly, we incorporated the LINE platform to develop new services. And as of today, we have accumulated a community of around 60,000 users. We have progressively partnered with many brick-and-mortar stores on co-branding projects, as we integrate brick-and-mortar industries on NFT to create more applications on blockchains. Apart from continuing to expand the service scope of BEEWiN, we will also seek to expand to overseas markets in order to increase the Company’s influence going forward.


Product & Service : Design
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Zhidao Design positions itself as a design company that dives deep into traditional culture with the power of cultural creation. As we strive to preserve the local cultural heritage, we seek to create value by designing featured culturally creative products or services. We aim to wade into traditional industries with the power of cultural creation, as we search for the most suitable media and methods to promote added values.

Oscar sport

Product & Service : System for booking badminton court playing sessions, non-member playing sessions, and coach matching
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Oscar sport start -up from 2021, We are made up of a group of experienced and passionate players and coaches, and through information technology sevices, link badminton clubs,coaches, stedents, and badminton equipment suppliers, To achieve the goal of win-win and common good.


Product & Service : Design and R&D of easy-to-disassemble vanities
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Hoi Home focuses on the topics of metropolis and women, in an attempt to create the ideal living space. Our product is a vanity/furniture combo designed with aesthetics in mind to cater to women’s emotional and real-life needs. The three-piece furniture combo can be disassembled to fit into one piece of luggage for storage. It is easy to pack and move around, allowing for more convenience when urban women need to relocate after their short lease expires. This vanity also eliminates the burden on the environment caused by the repeated purchase and littering of non-durable furniture.


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Product & Service : Education,NEWS content
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LAPSEE is a team devoted to promoting media literacy in Taiwan. They aim to develop
children’s ability to “Understand, Analyze, Use, Produce” the media, through community,
content, and education. The team provides a one-stop service to support teachers with
teaching materials, present parents with media literacy-oriented news content, and educate
children on the ability to learn the world with media literacy. Through bringing media literacy
into students’ daily lives, LAPSEE’s ultimate goal is to “Grow Awareness into Attitude, and
Attitude into Action“.


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Product & Service : Providing beverages that are helpful to people’s physical and mental well being
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Members of the GLOWING team came from an organization that designs gaming experiences. Core members include co-founders Mark, Square, and Jessica. Mark has two years of marketing and planning experience at a B2B tech firm. He serves as the Marketing Manager. Square has long been a freelance designer. He also used to be a curator and commercial designer. His family works in the fruit and vegetable wholesale business. Jessica handles the product design, logistics, administration, cash flow, and quality assurance for the team. She once founded a bottled cocktail brand, so she is used to thinking about what products her customers need from the perspective of their demand pain points.


Product & Service : Hearest
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“Hearest” provides a support platform for the minds of people with depression and their companions. At “Hearest,” you can plant every emotion and state you encounter in life, leaving your happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy in the forest. You can also share your emotions with any forest friend. If you hit it off, you can become best forest friends and visit each other’s forest, cheer for one another, and express your feelings. Thanks to TownTech team’s design, you can not only get your emotions in order while obtaining companionship and support during the course of an interaction, you also get to know new soulmates and create your own unique companionship/support network. In doing so, you allow “Hearest” to become a platform where you can find mutual support, share your life stories, and exchange emotions and experiences. “Hearest” symbolizes the people in our society. Even though we all endure pressure from all sorts of problems and carry various emotions, we can stop trying to put our best foot forward and truthfully face our inner selves here, as we search for soulmates with whom we can let our guard down and communicate with one another. Healing one another

Zero Dimension Co., Ltd.

Product & Service : VR sensor & game software
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The main services of Zero Dimension Co., Ltd. include the application and development of various digital interaction technologies, such as VR, AR, and 3D. The company developed the “Ghost Reality Show”—a VR horror game—on its own, while partnering with Black Hole Creative to develop a virtual exhibition service.

Midnight village

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Product & Service : Bringing seafood from Nanfang’ao to your table
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Inherit the memories from 50 years ago and explore the aroma of the next five decades. With 50 years of seafood experience at Nanfang’ao, Midnight Village is a brand that produces seafood snacks that are the perfect companions to different types of wine. Fishery has long been a line of work that’s taxing both on the body and mind. In addition to trying to catch fish with the lights on in the middle of the night, fishermen also have to look out for treacherous and unpredictable ocean winds and waves, and thus accidents happen from time to time. This has made the fishermen at Nanfang’ao adopt a carefree and carpe diem attitude toward life. Whenever the fishing season comes to an end, you can always see burly men gulping down wine, which has also become a collective memory for the people of Nanfang’ao. When you drink a lot, you invariably want something to go with the wine. Of course, the best thing to complement wine at Nanfang’ao is fresh and delicious seafood. From slightly smoked, dried neritic squids to dried anchovies with stir-fried peanuts, every household always has one or two exclusive “secret recipes.” As time goes by, this busy and bustling fishing town has quieted down. The jam-packed crowds, the hollering that accompanies gulping, and the aromatic dishes that go with wine in our memory have sunk into the ocean along with the elapse of time. Midnight Village has witnessed the wax and wane of Nanfang’ao, and could not forget the delicacies from the past. We look high and low for secret recipes hidden in every old-timer’s home. We build on and improve them with our proprietary techniques to create Shutō-like exclusive dishes that go with wine. Perhaps the glory days of Nanfang’ao will never return; however, we can use other ways to preserve them in the hearts, hands, and taste buds of Taiwanese people.


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Product & Service : Elite social platform
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MetHer is oriented toward intellectual women. Its members mostly come from the high-tech firms and Internet startups sector. It aims to create relaxing and comfortable event experiences. We are able to ensure the quality of participants through an online social screening mechanism. Gentlemen and ladies can engage with one another and have in-depth discussions through immersive experiences. We offer exclusive offline vibes while collaborating with multiple partners from the fields of cards, outdoor mountain-climbing and Eastern fortune telling. MetHer focuses on women from the technology sector, hoping to provide them with a cozy platform to make new friends, and create relaxing and comfortable event experiences! Whether you are trying to make new friends or looking for romantic partners, we believe outstanding gentlemen and ladies are worthy of partners who are equally outstanding.


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Product & Service : Automated marketing program for Facebook
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The “Marketing Wizard: FB Automated Posting & Marketing Program” system rolled out by Zator improves on the existing human posting model, which can be highly repetitive and time-consuming. Individual e-commerce vendors or SMEs can post their messages or schedule their message posting with automated programs to reduce manpower costs while achieving better marketing results. We have accumulated a revenue of NT$1.3 million since the FB Automated Posting & Marketing Program was launched one year ago, with monthly revenue reaching NT$200,000. Our official account has amassed 1,127 friends, with 750 people having completed their trial. We have nearly 100 paid members, and the number of our members and the amount of revenue are both rising steadily. In addition, we have started our plans to utilize machine learning to train AI marketing robots and AI customer service attendants so that they can understand syntax and reply automatically. In the meantime, we will also develop marketing software for other social media.


Product & Service : Influencer SaaS system
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The KOLTech marketing and technology team plans to create a one-stop-shopping Internet influencer matching system on a SaaS cloud platform, allowing suppliers to have a matching system tool akin to a virtual marketing team, without having to spend a great deal of money on system development. This system not only helps brand owners analyze the effectiveness of Internet influencers prior to matching while providing diverse group buying tools to increase the success rate of group buying for Internet influencers, it also provides a one-stop-shopping back-end management system that allows your products to hit the market at the click of a button, and to consolidate diverse orders and payment flow/logistics. By doing so, suppliers can not only boost efficiency, but also expand social channels at scale when partnering with Internet influencers. Our products and services include: (1) effective analysis of Internet influencers’ data; (2) sales tools for Internet influencers to start group buying; (3) a management system of suppliers and Internet influencers.

GTA Robotics

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Product & Service : Humanoid Robotics
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GTA Robotics started from scratch to put together a team focusing on humanoid robot training and competition. Its series of education curricula from elementary school to university have great continuity, allowing students to be creative and ultimately design their own humanoid robots for fighting, soccer games or even autonomous imaging, etc. During the classes, all students have fun while learning and gaining hands-on experience, as they march toward creating their own dream robots!