Regulation and application process

Application requirements

A small and medium size enterprise that is certified by the Republic of
China, and fulfills the criteria below is eligible to apply:

I. The company technology, products, or services are innovative.
II. Devote to novel products/ technology/ services research development,
and plan to establish a new business.
III. Intend to cooperate with NTUST, which is considered beneficial for
school’s development.

Application documents

I. One application form.
II. One copy of business registration certification issued by the Ministry of
Economic Affairs, or company name pre-examination application review
approval form.
III. Ten copies of business proposal.
IV. One consent statement for application review.
V. One copy of Profit-seeking Enterprise Annual Income Tax Return from last
year. (First-year startups are exempted.)
VI. A copy of the employment certification from NTUST (proof of service
student ID, diploma, or other related certifications. (Non-Faculty & Student
Startups are exempted.)
VII. Supplementary documents requested by BIC.

Application Process